ICON - Project Olympus

We were thrilled to collaborate with the Austin-based company ICON in creating a logo for its truly pioneering Moon-based construction project, Olympus! NASA, by way of its Artemis missions, has been working toward setting up long-term human residency on the Moon, and it has awarded ICON a contract to design and produce innovative construction
technologies to support this goal. ICON’s aim is to develop technologies that will allow infrastructure, including habitats and roads, to be built on the Moon—using materials from the Moon!

In designing the logo, we took inspiration from the way walls are formed by ICON’s 3D printers. We also wanted to create an image that would convey the magnitude and striking boldness of the project.

To learn more about ICON’s Project Olympus, please visit https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-icon-advance-lunar-construction-technology-for-moon-missions. To view some fascinating images of ICON’s vision for the project, please visit https://www.iconbuild.com/media-gallery/icons-project-olympus-off-world-construction.

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